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Jonathan Button
United Kingdom
Jonathan Button is a British artist and independent filmmaker. He was born and raised in Kent / South London and was introduced to horror films from the tender age of five. His passion for cinema has inspired him to work on projects as a visual platform for telling stories, many of which have subject matters of a dark and twisted nature.

He went on to study Illustration, specialising in animation, at Camberwell College of Arts London, until graduating in 2009. He is the creator and founder of Button Films and has since trained to be a teacher of art and design. He is currently working on making his next short animated film, as well as developing various other projects.




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love yore videos man
IzaKat Aug 21, 2013  Student General Artist
I just wanted to say that Behind Closed Doors was amazing.  Four years ago!  You should make more...
hi there Mr. Button. I really loved the art work you did on Behind Closed Doors and fallen amazing for it. and im really just wondering what did you use to make the film?? and what kinda art was it that you used in your film? I would really like to know. and please contact me at please

I would really like to talk to you
From - Joshua Cole
DeathLee28 Feb 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Sir i must say that wow just wow Behind closed doors, and The Girl and the Wolf blew my mind.
i must ask you a question; Who or what (besides watching horror movies) inspired you to make such awesome work?

As a fan of the dark and macabre interpretations, i must make a tribute for such a awesome person. ( its been a while since i drew any "dark" art)

congrats you got yourself another fan ^_^

Speaking of horror films, i didn't watch them until i was 10 because *in a little kid's voice* i was afraid of the big scary monster, now im 20 and just laugh at the characters deaths.

Have a lovely day/evening/night

Films are indeed my major source of inspiration, but I guess it's the human condition that drives my work. I find that it's not the monsters we should be afraid of, it's the wicked people in the world who do terrible things that we should be worried about. I can watch horror films that are purely fictitious, and they will not affect me in the slightest, but if I were to switch on the news, or witness something truly disturbing in reality, I couldn't find more powerful material than that.

I hope that has answered your question and given you an insight into where I get some of my ideas and inspiration from. I apologise for the late reply. I'm very flattered by your kind words, and glad that you enjoy my work. Thank you. :)
DeathLee28 Feb 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ah interesting thank you for answering my question :)
no worries about late replies it's fine, in fact i do it all the time XD
You are very welcome
krazyanimechick Feb 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i just watched behind closed doors and i had to call my brother in just so i can watch it . T_T sad huh and im 15 and hes 10
ps: good job on the monster dat thing is freaky
It's way past summer and you never got around to the movies you said you would make. It's okay, I know it's hard to take the time to make good work.
EggNawg Oct 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
All of your art and animations are amazing.
Thanks for adding Lurker to your collection!!
You're very welcome. ^_^
Stapic Oct 1, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Amazing work Sir Button :)
Thank you. I'm glad you like my work. :)
Lbrenver Sep 15, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch, your gallery is amazing :)
You're welcome and thanks very much. I checked out your blog as well and I find your sculptures really inspiring and tutorials rather helpful.
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